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4-06-06 - Americana Pop Rock

4-06-06 - Americana Pop Rock - Mainstream Rock and Roll in...

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Mainstream Rock and Roll in the 1970’s Overview Rock and Roll tragedies – Hendrix, Mama Cass, “Beatles”, Janis Joplin; Vietnam is a disaster shift to blatant consumerism and end of idealism Rock becomes big business – anyone can own a record lable New self-consciousness and idea of identity – maliable persona: sexuality, race etc…: “We can’t change the world, how do we change ourselves?” Definition of Mainstream Smoothing out of other styles o Less aggressive/avant-garde Categories o Americana – Neo-Alt-Country o Soft Rock – The Singer –Songwriter “Americana” Pop rock Nostalgia for early 1960s; pop crooner, r&b, rockabilly Elton John, “Crocodile Rock” (1972) Pop crooner and doo-wop references o “Heart and Soul” chord progression o Gospel piano; soulful vocals Lyrics: “I remember when rock was young . . . ” o British artist affecting American accent o Nostalgia for pre-British Invasion era
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