4-27-06 Post-Punk, Proto-Rap

4-27-06 Post-Punk, Proto-Rap - 1980s John Lennon...

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1980s John Lennon assassinated in 1980 – the rock and roll moment of the decade cynism on the rise Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of Great Britain (1979-90) Ronald Reagan, president of United States (1981-88) Iran-Iraq war begins (U.S. supports Iraq) First AIDS cases in 1981; sharp increase over course of the decade o Reagan ignores the health crisis Early 1980s: first PCs, CDs, and cellular phones o Growth in technology industries Birth of MTV in 1981 Decade of military spending, cuts to social welfare programs o Widens gap between rich and poor o African-American communities suffer greatest poverty 1989: Berlin Wall comes down; Soviet Union collapses soon after Political Post-Punk Gang of Four o Punk/funk mix Bloc Party – modern day equivalent o Heavy bass, limited guitar o Social-politcal commentary (not so much Marxist) Pop-y Post-Punk Big drum (?) sound XTC o Social commentary Futureheads – modern day equivalent o Hook from “My Sharona” by The Knack Buzzcocks o Late 1970’s o Pop-y sensibility and sentimentality o Pre-Green Day, Blink 182, The Strokes, Good Charlotte U2 Formed 1978 in Dublin
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4-27-06 Post-Punk, Proto-Rap - 1980s John Lennon...

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