Myth - i “Mu mu mu” vs “bahr bahr bahr” like “Blah blah blah” vs “Grar Grar Grar” b Discourse i Takes the form of a story ii

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Myth – What is It? 8/30/05 1. The Modern Definition + A Minority of Ancient Greeks a. Modern i. Myth vs. Truth ii. Myth vs. Reason iii. Myth vs. Science iv. Therefore: False, Irrational, Unscientific, Unbelievable b. Minority i. Myth vs. History ii. Myth vs. Science 1. As determined by Physicists – those who study nature “physis” 2. Early Greek humanists 3. Empiricism by comparing levels of beings a. Gods b. Humans c. Beasts 4. “Nomos” = Culture (anything humans do in the world) a. Fire b. Marriage iii. Myth v. Philosophy 1. Myths can do this 2. We cannot do this 3. Therefore, myths cannot be true 2. Ancient Majority Definition a. Myth = Agnosticism i. Myth is a way of saying “I wasn’t there; I don’t know” An admission of human ignorance 3. Definition a. “Mythos” – Any articulate human speech
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Unformatted text preview: i. “Mu mu mu” vs. “bahr bahr bahr” like “Blah blah blah” vs. “Grar Grar Grar” b. Discourse i. Takes the form of a story ii. Purpose: 1. Entertainment 2. Instruction a. Concerning Gods v. Men. v. Animals – On which end of the spectrum are we? iii. Myth belongs to a “Special Past” 1. Myth occurs in Phase 1 of the History of the World – “Sacred Time” a. Present rules of the world did not hold b. Human beings are physically similar to us; Special because more closely related to the Gods c. Past Turn into the Present in 1184 B.C. (aka the Fall of Troy) 2. The Current Period is “Profane Time” a. No one from the present period ever experienced the past period...
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