- - Function of Myth 1 2 Sacred Time a Different rules in a different time Greek System of Myth vs Other Systems of Myth a Time i Greeks 1 Sacred

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Function of Myth 9/1/05 1. Sacred Time a. Different rules in a different time 2. Greek System of Myth vs. Other Systems of Myth a. Time i. Greeks 1. Sacred Time is gone and never coming back 2. No nostalgia for the sacred time a. (normal) Human life = birth, suffering, death b. (sacred) Human life = birth, exceptional suffering, death ii. Others 1. Rituals can cause it to come back 2. Cyclical time a. See Norse Myth: Valdoor dies at the end of Sacred Time Part I, Valdoor returns at the beginning of Sacred Time Part II 3. Present people have nostalgia for the Sacred Time 4. Sacred Time exists in certain places a. Celtic myth says that sacred time exists in other places b. Time passes slowly there 3. Function of Myth a. Phases of studying myth i. Early Renaissance – Myth = Religion 1. Agreeing with minority (anti-Myth-truth) Greeks a. Questioning apparent stupidity of smart Greeks 2. Traveling to the “new world” a. Questioning why Natives have myth system b. Why myth? No “true” religion to explain world. ii.
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