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Unformatted text preview: Mythology 9/8/05 25 Multiple Choice Questions 1. Greeks – The People a. Megale Hellas (Big Greece – Italy) b. “Hellenes” c. Ships were very important 2. Time a. Appear in 2000 B.C. b. Mycenaean Period (1600-1200 BC) i. Spoke Greek, Greek institutions, “well established Greekness” ii. Mycenae was the central, most important city iii. Presumably, conquered by Dorian Greeks c. June, 1184 BC - Fall of Troy i. End of sacred time ii. Lines up well with the end of the Mycenaean Period d. Doric Period (“Dark Ages”) e. (1050-950 BC) i. Greeks colonize Mediterranean ii. Found ktisis (colony) from metropolis (mother city) iii. Motivation: Not economic, not religious f. Archaic Period (700-480 BC) i. Epic poetry finds a central place in Greek life ii. Rise of writing, perhaps created to copy down epic poetry iii. Immergence of democracy, agriculture (olive oil) iv. Pan Hellenism 1. Greeks feel a sense of Pan-Hellenism while paradoxically fighting more wars with each other 2. Creation of the 4 Year Pan-Hellenic Festival – rituals as sacrifice and games (eg The Olympic Games)...
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