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09-19-05 - Mythology 1 Types of Poems a Saga(Epic i Main...

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Mythology 9/20/05 1. Types of Poems a. Saga (Epic) i. Main Characters: Heroes, no longer exist today ii. Time: Sacred Time iii. Concerns: War (to some degree) or Military Expeditions iv. Examples: Iliad, Seven Against Thebes, Argonautica b. Didactic (Wisdom) i. Main Characters: The author is a teacher ii. Concerns: Teaching (e.g. The lives of gods, agriculture) iii. Time: Set in profane time although he will refer to sacred time iv. Examples: Works and Days c. Hymn i. Concerns: Songs in praise to a god (Do/Das relationship {I give / You give}) ii. Concerns: The gods iii. Time: Events in sacred time with a relevance to profane time (Gods are immoral, ageless) iv. Examples: The Homeric Hymns, Theogony 2. Theogony Overview a. Covers the whole universe (its origin, its laws/order) [ZWO: Zeus’s World Order] b. Four (Three) Themes i. Cosmogony 1. –gony : production, genesis, origin, arising, ‘birth’ 2. Cosmos: Any ordered sphere (like a woman’s appearance), the physical universe ii. Theogony: The birth/origin of the gods iii. ZWO Theme : 1.
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