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10-06-05 - Humans in Zeuss World Order 1 Children of Night...

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Humans in Zeus’s World Order 10/6/05 1. Children of Night a. Ancestors of humans appear after the death of Uranus as giants b. Define humans, animals, and gods c. Non-negotiable for humans: i. Death, old age, misery, the furies, strife (“Eris”) ii. Child of Strife: Horkos – a human oath 1. You swore oaths to the Gods iii. “Dike” (Justice) – an unpleasant way of settling strife iv. “Elpis” = hope 2. Monsters a. Very few of the monsters are still with us and most were killed by humans b. Heroes exist to kill monsters c. Monsters are monsters because they are blurring of species i. Mixing gods, men, and beasts ii. Mixing different types of beasts d. Nemean Lion i. Before Hercules killed the Lion ii. Monstrous because a lion was the king e. Monsters are negative-examples of what is normal f. “Teratas” is the Greek word for monster g. Oddly born children are considered omens (bad ones) h. Roman word: “prodigium” = monster prodigies are bad i. Racism? No mention in Theogony of people having a race
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