Myths - Works and Days 1 Pre-Class Notes a Read Homeric Hymns 1-5,7 The Opening to the Book b Read through Odyssey 10 c Read up to page 45 in Works

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Works and Days 10/18/05 1. Pre-Class Notes a. Read Homeric Hymns: 1-5,7 The Opening to the Book b. Read through Odyssey 10 c. Read up to page 45 in Works and Days 2. Background to Works and Days a. Following the Prometheus episode, for a while, gods have sex with humans b. The offspring are “heroes” c. Works and Days is a sequel to the Theogony d. Hesiod is knowitall i. Has help from the Muses ii. Older than one of his addressees 1. Perses – his stupid brother a. Thinks he is unique and should live like the Gods (party etc…) b. Hesiod’s job is show Perses that he does not fit in ZWO this way 2. Kings a. In addressing the kings, he can speak to the kings as equals because the muses speak through him (hence why he has a scepter) b. Kings are corrupt. Kings give gifts to Hesiod with hopes of getting something back (perversion of God-gift-exchanges). Hesiod says that they have perverted Justice “diké” c. Effect of injustice on a human society, humans will cease to give gifts to the gods. Thus, gods
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