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10-20-05 - 4 Dionysus is the exception to ZWO a Has a...

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Title 10/20/05 1. Pre-class Notes a. Test 2 i. 1-5, 7 ii. 1-3 2. Greeks as Opposed to Romans a. Greco-Roman is absurd b. While the Romans admired Greek art, the Romans did not want to be grouped with the Greeks c. Stealing Greek gods and giving them Roman names d. Careful not to mix up Greek gods with Roman gods e. The “Greek Ritual” f. No Roman name for Apollo (sometimes his Greek nickname Phoebus) or Dionysus (Bacchus. His sometimes Roman name was Lyaeus or Liber “The Free-er”) 3. Pantheon – Generally refers only to the 12 Olympians (Hades is not one)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Dionysus is the exception to ZWO a. Has a mortal mother b. Worshiped sometimes as a god c. “Died” d. Has a fluid sexuality e. Not a very free God (sometimes depicted as being non-Greek) f. Part Time Olympian 5. Homeric Hymns a. If you were at a festival of heroic sagas, hymns were the warm up act b. This is supposed to remind people of the Pan-Hellenic nature of the Gods...
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