10-25-05 - Exam Notes, Dememter, Apollo

10-25-05 - Exam Notes, Dememter, Apollo - Exam Notes +...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam Notes + Demeter + Apollo 10/25/05 1. Exam Notes a. Know Styx, Metis b. Where do Gods get ambrosia? Someone must die in order to get ambrosia. If humans consume it, they work as a deodorant (cannot smell death). Also, prevents decay. c. 1-3 (Homeric Hymns), CP (Through Page 9), Works and Days through page 45 (Myth of Pandora and races), Odysseus d. Apollo v Hera is a crisis on gender lines e. The Greek Flood Myth: not a popular Greek myth made popular in the 17 th century f. Mortal Brothers of Prometheus: Menointius (killed Zeus), Epimetheus (married Pandora) g. Consequences of Prometheus to Gods: Knidze for Gods, Women Sex with Gods Heroes h. Aegis: A shield or breastplate probably made of goatskin. Has on it the head of a Gordian i. Teleology: things have a potential to develop and will go no further no sense of goal oriented time j. Gaea and Uranus have three sets of children. Titans: normal looking. Hundred-handers. People with only one eye apiece (Cyclopeses). Titans hate the other ones. Titans hate the other ones....
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