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11-08-05 - Heroes - Mythology 1 Pre-Class Notes a For Test...

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Mythology 11/8/05 1. Pre-Class Notes a. For Test i. Heroes to Know and Love: 1. Chp 3 (Argonauts), Chp 5 (Heracles), Chp 9, Chp 11 (Background to the Trojan War) ii. Homeric Hymns 1. Hermes + Aphrodite iii. Odyssey that we have not yet covered 1. People in the Underworld: His mom, dead friends from Troy, Heracles, people who are suffering iv. Rest of Course Book and Medea b. Paper – Have until the 22 nd to show paper drafts to Mankin – paper copies only – can suggest office hours – MWF ~11 c. Poseidon is the god of salt water and all things pertaining to the sea. Also, horses. d. Themis represents the rules 2. Heroes a. Why Exist i. Monster Killers ii. Founds cities, civilization, temples, culture iii. Pleasure/Entertainment b. Why Destroy i. Monsters themselves ii. Disrupts culture iii. Disgusting/Pain 3. Who or what is a hero? a. Could be born heroes because closely related to Gods. Because closest to Gods, most Godly. – GENETICS – b.
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