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Heroes: Panhellenic + Epichoric Date 1. Pre-Notes a. When was Jason and the Argonauts ? i. Occurs a generation before the Odyssey ii. Theseus is a really misplaced hero b. Who do you need to know from the Argonauts? i. People with other stories, Jason, Medea 2. Epichoric a. Hero is neighborly figure. Probably the founder of the place. b. Heroon – The tomb of the hero. Sacrifices are poured down for the hero. i. Cthonic sacrifices – comes from the word “Gaea” – refers to the sacrifices that go through the earth. Performs human sacrifices every once and a while in sacred time. Following the death of Patrocolus, Achilles sacrifices six Trojans. Homer felt that this was unspeakable. ii. Greeks felt that Heracles was an exception to the rule of heroes, because he became a god. Unlike everyone else, he could be offered knidze (burn offering sacrifice). iii. Asklepios – Medical god. Felt that he could be worshiped in many places. His places to be worshiped were early hospitals. c.
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