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11-15-05 - Exam Notes + Heroes + Medea

11-15-05 - Exam Notes + Heroes + Medea - The funeral of...

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Exam Notes + Heroes + Medea 11/15/05 1. Notes for the Exam a. Medea - If your spouse was not a citizen, you are not legally married. Thus, he was free to marry the “new wife” b. Apollo trades his timai of cattle herding and divination for the lyre c. Odysseus focuses on the women because he wants to appeal to Areetes d. Remember people who are mentioned twice. Know all the gods. e. Gods get hymnos; Heros get kleos. Cleo gives kleos to heroes. Hymnia gives hymnos to Gods. f. Medea is a hero. 2. Zeus’s Plan in the Trojan War a. Get rid of the heroes and allow Iron Race people to replace them b. Earliest source: Dysiprea – Gods are tired of the heroes, Hesiodic Fragments – Zeus is tired of gods bickering over heroes c. Ultimate cause: Helen leaving for Troy d. Wedding of Thetis + Peleus Achilles. Also symbolic for Prometheus at Macone, where gods and mortals gathered. This was the second to last meeting of Gods and humans.
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Unformatted text preview: The funeral of Achilles was the final meeting of the Gods and humans. 3. “Medea” a. Tragedy in Public Life i. Medea’s jealousy stems from her hypersexuality (she has an affinity with Aphrodite) b. Precedents i. Atreus killing his brother’s kids and feeding them to him c. Historical Context with Respect to Athenian Law i. Drastic response against children is the only power women have to exact revenge on their children ii. Polis v Oikos (public v private spheres) d. Women and Power in the Family e. Oedipus and Atreus – Passing the sins of the father to their children and vengeance cycles f. Medea kills Apsyrtus breaks ties with old home g. Medea was feared and reviled because of her crimes h. Jason reneges on the oath that he made to Medea. i. Medea sees herself as a model wife and as a hero in unequal status j. Philia (family duty), Xenia (country duty)...
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