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Psychology 101 08/31/05 Syllabus and course info is in “Psychology 101 – Frontiers of Psychology” from the Cornell Store and course website ( http://www.psych101.net ) Grades and Survey Codes: Name: psych101 Password: gobigred Final Exam – December 8 th 2-4 pm Tutors: G-94 Uris and Tatkon Center Maas: 255-6266; [email protected] The Psychology of Mind Control “How to Resist Undue Influences on Critical Thinking and Behavior” Brainwashing (not torture) o CIA: Operation MK-Ultra Response to Russia’s “Truth Serum” – Switching Loyalties Truth Serum = LSD Dr. E Cameron’s Schizophrenia Research How to make crazy people, sane 1 month “Sleep Therapy” (Passed out for a month) Depattern: Electroshock and LSD at the end of that month
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Unformatted text preview: • Reprogram: Psychic Driving – having to listen to the same message over and over again for up to a quarter-of-a-million times • Done at USPHS Hospitals without informed consent • Result: They could not control subjects’ thoughts: depression, suicide – stopped the program b/c they couldn’t control the subjects … but they had control of the medical doctors! How? With a few simple words: “Do this for the name of your country” . Are you vulnerable? • Situational and Social Influences o Blind Obedience to Authority Programmed • Parents • Teachers • Bosses • Symbols of Authority: (e.g. Stop Signs) Signs, Badges...
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