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Psych 101 9/2/05 1. Conditioning to Blind Obedience of Authority – What are the limits of Blind Obedience to Authority? a. Blind Obedience to Authority – Prof. Stanly Milligram i. The electrocution experiment ii. 65% willingly electrocuted a total stranger iii. Voice Feedback Condition 1. The learner screams to the teacher 2. 150v – stop the experiment 3. 180v – I can’t stand the pain 4. 300v – No verbal response iv. Why were so many people obedient? 1. Status of the authority figure 2. Status of the institution 3. Someone else assumed responsibility 4. Shocks were said not to be harmful 5. Gradual steps, demand of machine 6. Luck of the draw 7. Focus on scientific study – learning 8. Sadistic impulses by those who offer to be part of experiment? 9. Physical distance (Atom Bomb, “Nightline”) 10. No practice in respectful disobedience (Abuse by clergy) v. Experimental Paradigm 1. Closeness of Teacher to Learner number of shocks a. Manipulate Outcome b. Independent variable
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