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Psych 101 9/7/05 Situational Influences on Critical Thinking and Behavior 1. Group Pressure to Conform a. Line comparison test b. Group Pressure can distort reasoning i. Bay of Pigs Debacle 1. CIA warns strongly against 2. Kennedy goes ahead 3. GroupThink a. Self-censorship of doubts b. Silence = consensus c. Mind guarding the leader i. Avoid “Shoot the Messenger” phenomenon ii. Stadium Crusades iii. Bystander Non-Intervention 1. Kitty Genovese iv. The Smoke-Filled Room 1. When in groups of three, far fewer noticed and went for help v. Sudden Illness of Others 1. As number of people increase in the experiment, likelihood of going for help c. Effects of Groups on Bystander Non-Intervention – Presence of Others i. Inhibits awareness ii. Leads to pluralistic ignorance and inaction iii. Diffusion of responsibility d. Why? i. Diffusion of Responsibility
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Acts of Omission 2. Acts of Commission a. But, everyone else is doing it! ii. Alienation – Who cares? Too much effort! iii. Sadism – Oklahoma, San Diego, Albany, Cornell (Urging others to jump) iv. Feeling of Inadequacy v. Insensitive to Events 1. TV Mainstreaming 2. Misinterpretation of Events e. Applied Psychology i. Countering Group pressure 1. As a victim a. Break the diffusion of responsibility i. Heart attack victim – points out to other people to get assistance 2. As a good Samaritan bystander a. Think – why is no one action? b. React appropriately – help or get help 3. Education is the key to providing help 4. Beauty is a key to getting help or dressing well 2. Stereotyped Roles a....
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