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09-09-05 - Psych 101 1 Stanford Prison Experiment a...

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Psych 101 09/09/05 1. Stanford Prison Experiment a. Capability of average people to become sadistic b. See parallels to Abu Ghraib, lynching in the South 2. Stereotyped management gets isolated from employees - I’m the boss therefore… a. “I don’t want to hear” i. Warnings of o-ring information on Challenger d’oh! b. “I don’t want to ask” i. The Chernobyl Meltdown c. “Don’t question me” i. Captain in the cockpit – refusal to take input 3. Social and Situational Influences a. Ideologies i. Reciprocal Concessions – Watergate Scandal (in the name of national interest) ii.
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  • Stanford prison experiment, Jim Jones, Waco Siege, Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse, mass suicide, Jones Town Guiana

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