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1. Cults – Continued a. Vulnerable Times i. Marked loss of status or depression ii. Leaving family for the first time iii. Job loss iv. Loss of loved one v. Personal trauma vi. Growing old vii. Marshall Applewhite and the Heaven’s Gate Cult 1997 1. Mostly professionals but had recently experienced divorce, job loss etc b. Applied Psychology i. Never give your control of your mind to someone else for keeping – think for yourself c. How to become a leader? i. Recognize undue influences on critical thinking and behavior 1. Authority 2. Anonymity 3. Dehumanization 4. Reciprocity 5. Group Pressure 6. Stereotyped roles 7. Ideologies 8. Sleep Deprivation ii. React 1. Always question the premises, methods and ends. Avoid spontaneous decisions. 2. Separate any message from their own status and needs
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Know when and how to disagree iii. Care about people by finding out what they think iv. Care about people by responding to their need to feel valued in the family and at work v. Reward good behavior and recognize accomplishments help build self-esteem vi. Call people by their name vii. Smile! viii. Show genuine interest by being a good listener ix. Avoid being confrontational x. Be appreciative, say thanks, write notes xi. Make decisive decisions and assume responsibility xii. Be creative – Harry Chapin (Cornellian, Folk Singer, “Flowers are Red”) xiii. Overcome shyness 1. Are we strangers? a....
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