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09-14-05 - SLEEP - if no invader inflammation of arteries...

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SLEEP - Psychology 101 9/14/05 1. Sleep Deprivation Crisis a. Students i. 70% get 6 or less hours of sleep per week b. Workers i. 20% of adults are shift workers, 56% fall asleep on the job each week c. Sleepiness has great issues i. Concentration at work ii. Amount of work accomplished iii. The quality of the work iv. Sleep deprivation costs the USA $100 annually d. Sleep determines our waking success i. Mood, alertness, energy, thinking performance, productivity, safety, general health & longevity e. Why no knowledge about sleep? i. Lack of education in school ii. 47% of physicians think that the brain shuts down during sleep f. Sleeping Brain is Highly active i. Regulates immune, hormone & endocrine functions essential for general health 1. (Less than four hours per night) Increase in cortisol (stress levels), blood sugar levels, and decrease in leptin molecules (food regulation) 2. Leads to hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, obesity 3. (Less than six hours), increase in cytokines (immune system molecules)
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Unformatted text preview: if no invader inflammation of arteries, increase in c-reactive protein (best sign of heart attack), makes you fat 4. People who only sleep 6 hours –lowers resistance to viral infection by 50% 5. Produce half the flu fighting antibodies after flue shot 6. Within the last three decades, middle age men have reduced their deep sleep time from 20% to 5% producing less growth hormone obesidy, loss of abdominal muscle mass, reduced capacity to exercise 7. Blind women have 50% less breast cancer than sighted women, 35% have greater risk of colorectal cancer ii. Replenishes brain neurotransmitters that stimulate and organize neural networks into long term physical storage, essential for memory, learning, performance, problem-solving and creativity 1. Oh crap Edison invents the lightbulb in 1879 2. Nathaniel Kleitman, grandfather of sleep research 3....
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