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09-16-05 - Dreams - c Educated Guess Deja vue d Misses...

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Sleep 9/16/05 1. Stages of Sleep a. Sleep Waves i. Alpha Theta K Complex + Sleep Spindles Theta Waves + Delta Waves High Voltage, slow, Delta Waves REM b. REM i. Sleep comes in 90 minute cycles ii. REM increases in every cycle iii. We only remember dreams if we wake up during a dream or about a minute after it c. Dream Content i. External Stimuli – someone spray’s water on you you dream about water 1. Fire Alarm a. Kids will not wake up to 120 decibel sounds b. However, will wake up to hearing their name from a familiar voice “cocktail effect” 2. Only 20-60% ii. Internal Sensory Signals 1. Disrupted homeostasis: bad digestion bad dreams iii. Random Firings of Memory Traces 1. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy iv. Psychological Sources 1. Prophetic Dreams a. Validation Rules: Tell people that you have a dream b. Self-fulfilling Prophesy?
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Unformatted text preview: c. Educated Guess? - Deja vue d. Misses don’t get reported e. The “Experts” i. Make many generalized predictions ii. Ignore the misses iii. Reshape the “hits” 2. Unsolved problems and issues 2. Psychoanalysus by Sigmund Freud a. Three Structures of Personality i. Id: WANT Inborn instincts (sex and aggression), operates by the pleasure principle – unconscious ii. Super Ego: SHOULD internalized teachings and values iii. Ego: CAN – an arbitrator of conflict and director of behavior b. Operating by the reality principle behavior c. Real us is the unconscious mind d. Dreams represent a breakthrough into consciousness of unconscious (repressed desires) e. Dreams are the real to self – knowledge dream analysis is the road map...
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