09-21-05 - Dreams Cont.

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Psych 101 - Dreams 9/21/05 1. REM a. Things that occur during sleep i. As we grow older, we sleep less and the percentage of REM sleep decreases ii. REM is preparation for visual stimulation; acquisition. Dream content produced by another system iii. Rats can practice being in a maze by going through REM iv. Increase of penile erection and vaginal engorgement 1. Simply a byproduct of REM sleep 2. Can show whether impotence is a physiological or psychological issue v. A highly active brain in a paralyzed body 1. Locus cerulius stops the body from acting out our dreams 2. Interesting Problems a. Self-injury b. Injury to bed partner c. “Night flying” out of bed d. Frightening dreams 3. RSBD: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder a. Sleeping people acting out their dreams b. Generally older adults c. 95% males d. Treatment: Clonazepam vi. NREM Sleep : an idling mind in a body that can move vii.
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Unformatted text preview: Disorders of Slow Wave Sleep 1. Enuresis – bed wetting 2. Sleep Talking 3. Sleep Walking a. Could you kill someone while sleepwalking? b. Case of Scott Falater: Sleep walking + sleep deprivation + stress violence 4. Sleep Eating – dog food, cigarette butts, watchesss 5. Sleep Sex 6. Night terror (amnesia) (not nightmares which occur during stage 1 REM) a. Caused by a momentary asousal while coming out of deep sleep b. 40 million Americans have at least one disorder 7. Narcolepsy a. Excessive daytime sleepiness i. Sleep of falling asleep (sleep latency) ii. MSLT (Mutiple Sleep Latency Test) b. Cataplexy i. Brief episode of muscular weakness and/or paralyzed ii. When attack is over, subject is completely normal iii. Caused by heightened emotion iv. Goes immediately from awake to REM sleep 8....
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