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Psi Phenomina 9/30/05 1. Psi a. Anomalous processes of information or energy transfer b. Processes that re currently unexplained by known physical or biological processes 2. Varieties of Psi a. Extrasensory Perception i. Telepath (thought transfer) ii. Clairvoyance (Perception of object/event that is not present) iii. Precognition (Perception of a future event) b. Psychokinesis i. Using mental influence over physical events 3. College Professors’ Belief in Psi a. More education makes you more likely to believe in ESP 2/3 believe b. Only 34% of psychologists are likely to think that ESP is a possibility c. 34% of psychologists say that it is an impossibility 4. Why are Psychologists so Skeptical? a. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence b. Psi is more extraordinary for psychologists c. Don’t Know the Evidence d. Physics envy shun “fringe” areas of research e. Aware of cognitive limitation Disregard all anecdotal data i. File drawer effect – you only remember your wins, not your losses f. Absence of a Plausible Mechanism
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Ganzfeld Procedure a. Receiver (r) and sender (s) separated b. R placed into ganzfeld. Relaxation exercises. c. R reports thoughts, feelings, and images for 30 minutes while… d. S (simultaneously) watches a randomly chosen film clip (the “target”) 6 times. e. R shown 4 film clips – the target and 3 decoys. Rates the similarity to ganzfeld thoughts and images f. Expected success – 25% g. Actual success -- 35% 6. Correlates of the Effect a. Believers (Sheep v Goads) b. Mediators and Practitioners of Other Mental Disciplines c. Julliard Students (50% hit rate) d. Friends and Relatives – Maybe e. Static v. Dynamic Targets f. Is the sender necessary? Clairvoyance v precognition 7. Precognition – Arousal of Emotion 8. Habituation of Emotional Arousal 9. Precognitive Habituation of Emotional Arousal 10. Precognitive Boredom 11. How might it work? Quantum nonlocatility http://Susan.psych.cornell.edu...
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