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10-05-05 - Sleep and ESP

10-05-05 - Sleep and ESP - d Restorative naps i The...

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Sleep Finished and ESP 10/5/05 1. Sleep a. Why are college students sleepy with a normal sleep schedule? i. Chronically sleep deprived with 7-8 hours of sleep ii. Even with 8 hours of sleep, lack of a regular schedule leads to sleepiness b. Why Sleep deprived i. Distractions – school, jobs, entertainment ii. Hormone changes iii. Yo-Yo sleep wake schedules iv. Answer: Later school start times v. Results: academics, athletics, stimulant and drug use, behavior problems, injuries (Edina, MN shows that this works) c. How to fix i. Get continuous sleep ii. Eliminate caffeine after 2 pm – 2 oz. of coffee /hr is the best answer iii. Eliminate chocolate (after 2 p.m.) iv. Eliminate nicotine v. Liquor (within 3 hours of bedtime) vi. Fitness 1. Exercise releases endorphins (mood elevators reduce stress) 2. Best time to exercise – noon or between 5 and 7 in the afternoon 3. Don’t exercise within an hour of waking up banging the fluid in your spinal column vii. Proper diet with regular timing viii. Make up for lost sleep – sleep loss doesn’t dissipate over time
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Unformatted text preview: d. Restorative naps i. The biphasic sleep patern (bimodal peaks in sleep debt) ii. Modern day siesta The “Power Nap” (good for stress reduction/heart problems) iii. A stop-gap measure – not for senior citizens if nocturnal insomnia e. Setting the proper setting i. Clean room ii. Quality pillow iii. Best and largest mattress – pocketed coils: low motion transfer iv. Limit TV, move clocks v. Hot bath vi. Remove stress vii. Relaxation exercises viii. Pleasurable sexual relations ix. If you toss and turn, get out of bed and do something in the low light x. Sleep drugs (up to three weeks) xi. Use of sleep aids f. Provigil i. Although you stay away, you still need proper sleep 2. ESP a. Telepathy i. Mind Reading ii. Without mediation of know channel of sensory communication b. Clairvoyance i. Discerning objects not present to the senses...
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