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E.S.P. and Scientific Methodology 10/12/05 1. Scientific Methods a. Naturalistic Observations – Looking at things in the environment i. Discovery of REM sleep b. Systematic Assessment – Illicit responses that are already present i. MSLT (measures alertness) ii. Case histories – Freud’s ability to analyze personal histories through dream reports c. Experimental Manipulation i. The Milgram Experiments 2. Is the method appropriate? a. Naturalistic Method i. Proof of ESP? Lack of controls! b. Systematic Assessment i. SATs, LSATs, MCATs area reliable but not necessarily good predictors of ultimate success in a career c. Experimental Manipulation i. Milgram expirament tightly controlled; but does it have ecological validity? How will people act in the real world?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Naturalistic Observation a. Simple strategy see and record what happens in the natural, undisturbed state. b. Limited to observable behaviors, not cognitive processes c. Great for gathering hypotheses d. Rules i. Observe a representative sample of subjects if you wish to generalize your findings to a larger population. 1. Are Psych 101 people typical college students? Probably not. 2. If the world consisted of 100 people 3. Most studies in psychology have narrow sampling ii. Observe all relevant factors 1. Clever Hans Professor Carl Stumpf and Oskar Pfunsk using gestures to control a horse 2. Ask yourself: are you observing all relevant factors? Faith healing ( www.randi.org ) 3....
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