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10-14-05 - Naturalistic Oberservations

10-14-05 - Naturalistic Oberservations - a Alternatives ESP...

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ESP – Naturalistic Observations 10/14/05 1. Observe a representative sample 2. Make sure you have a control a. Does a “master illusionist” really have esp? i. Have you observed all relevant factors and established all the necessary controls 3. Observe all relevant factors 4. Make unbiased observations a. Rosenthal: Pygmalion in the classroom b. Rosenhan: Being sane in Insane places i. Conspired to act normally once people labeled them as schizophrenic c. Was it ESP, Cold Reading, or Stage Magic? i. “Mind reading” 1. How were the subjects selected? a. Guess the card generated by computer i. On the basis of ESP skill? b. Name drawing i. Did you observe the name card? 2. How was the information gathered?
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Unformatted text preview: a. Alternatives: ESP, Cold Reading, Stage Mentalism b. How do you do a Cold Reading? South Park c. Stage Magic/Mentalism i. Examples of Psychic Powers ii. Prior knowledge How? (Occams Razor) Ask their friends 3. What else didnt you see? (shoe box) 4. Were you predisposed to see ESP? a. The situation was defined as such. 5. Do not disturb the behavior a. Hide from sight (Candid Camera) b. Become a participant observer i. Blue Collar Journal - John Coleman finding out how people are treated in menial jobs by acting as those people ii. Visiting a Mental Hospital...
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