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Public Opinion 10/21/05 1. Polls a. Sampling – How representative? Who, when, where refusals? b. The respondent wants to appear knowledgeable – so she/he gives an opinion i. The Corporate Spokesperson at IBM ii. Goes along with the group c. Loaded Questions i. You do like Kellogg’s Cornflakes, don’t you? ii. Interviewer expectancy effects – “Space Doctor” show interviews on Candid Camera 2. Open-Ended Surveys a. Are men and women different? “What’s wrong with men?” and “What’s wrong with women” b. Do men and women speak differently? i. Men 1. Phrases, not sentences
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Bottom Line: 1 st 3. 12,500 words / day – 5 at night ii. Women 1. Detailed narrative 2. Bottom line at the end 3. 25,000 words/day c. Gender differences in relation to arousal and time – men are quickly aroused, women are slowly d. Interviews i. Unreliability of interviews 1. No specifically defined job requirements; Judging on different criteria 2. Inadequate questions: a. Irrelevant to criteria b. Loaded 3. Repressed Memories in the Courtrooms suggested memories a. Kids giving testimony...
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