10-24-05 - Interviews and Expiramental Design

10-24-05 - Interviews and Expiramental Design - 1. The...

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Interviews and Experimental Design 10/24/05 1. a. i. Ask a vague question (warm up your voice before you say anything) ii. The first 15 seconds is critical b. Focus on: i. Past performance 1. What have you been doing that is worthwhile? ii. Creative thinking 1. What could you do with a hammer? iii. Hypothetical situations (ethics) iv. Knowledge of the company v. Appearance and Social Skills 1. Clothing vi. Communication skills c. Use completion probes: i. Nod ,“Um-hm”, “I see”, Smile, Pause ii. Stare at them if you want them to say more iii. Look at your watch if you want them to stop d. Be in control of the interview- i. Case history: Nodding 101 students 1. “Well, I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘[something], but could you explain’” e. Understand what is being said 2. Experimental Design a. Example i. Testing a new drug
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The Wonder Pill Independent Variable 2. Schizophrenia Dependant Variable ii. Failure to use Control Group 1. Improvement could be due to: a. Spontaneous remission b. Suggestion of pills effect c. Getting attention d. A change in weather, lighting, etc. . b. Basic Experimental Design i. Define the population of subjects ii. Draw a random sample iii. Divide sample into experimental and control groups c. Necessary Controls i. Placebo 1. Controls for Autosuggestion (Placebo effect), Hawthorne Effect (increase in motivation from getting attention) ii. Keep subjects blind 1. Controls for John Henry Effect a. Above average performance in response to competition iii. Keep experimenter blind 1. Controls for Experimental Expectancy a. Facilitative communication with autistic patients...
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