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10-31-05 - Perception

10-31-05 - Perception - Perception 1 Eye a Distal stimulus...

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Perception 10/31/05 1. Eye a. Distal stimulus – the “thing out there” b. Proximal stimulus – the image formed on the retina 2. Ambiguity inherent in the retinal image 3. Figure-Ground – differentiate one object from another 4. Rigidity – brain uses this to recognize moving objects 5. Gestalt Psychologists – Laws of Perceptual Organization a. Proximity b. Similarity c. Continuity d. Closure – attempting to close systems e. Past experience 6. Using laws of organization to camouflage 7. Visual perception is essentially an ambiguity soloving process a. Perception helps us solve ambiguity b. Allows us to create a fairly accurate mental representation of the real world 8. Illusion
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