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11-02-05 - Perception - the distance to the horizon 3 Cues...

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Perception 11/2/05 1. Cross Modal Influences a. Visual perception acts in conjunction with other sensory information 2. Illusions a. The relationship between perceived size and apparent distance b. Emmert’s Law i. The perceived size of an afterimage is directly related to its apparent distance c. Opponent Process Theory – additive color mixture, lights d. Moon Illusion – Changing Size depending on where it is (on the horizon or in the sky) – appears larger because we perceive it to be further away than the distance to the zenith – the distance to the horizion is perceived to the further than
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Unformatted text preview: the distance to the horizon 3. Cues for Depth/Distance Perception a. Primary (Physiological) i. Accommodation – our cornea begins to bulge when something is close ii. Convergence – Eyes turn inward when something gets closer b. Secondary (Psycological) i. Pictorial ii. Monocular 1. Lines that are parallel converge in the distance 2. Aerial Haze 3. Relative Size...
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