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Something 11/4/05 1. Depth Perception a. Clues for Depth Perception i. Pictorial – Secondary – Monocular Cues 1. Interpositional Cue – Placing objects on top of each other 2. Impoverished Cues 3. Patterns of Light and Shade a. We assume that light comes from above 4. Texture Gradients 5. Cue of Relative Motion a. Objects appear to move backwards if they are close to you when are going quickly b. We judge depth perception on a variety of cues c. Because we can judge depth and distance, we perceive the size of an object to stay constant if its size on the retinal
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Unformatted text preview: image d. Children under 6 don’t maintain size consistency 2. Factors Influencing Perception a. Intervening Variables i. Prior Experience ii. Shaping Perception iii. Expectations and Perception iv. Perceptual Influence 1. Income Level with relation to height b. Reporting Visual Stimuli (Rumor transmission)...
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