11-09-05 - Scientific Pursuit of Happiness

11-09-05 - Scientific Pursuit of Happiness - To an extent,...

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Scientific Pursuit of Happiness 11/9/05 1. Subjective Well-Being a. Feeling happy b. Thinking life is satisfied 2. Are people happy? a. Self-reports: mostly positive 3. Can we trust self-reports? a. Happy people may be in denial b. Happiness reports tend to report a little high c. Self-reports i. Reliable ii. Correlated with experience sampling iii. Correlated with positive indicators iv. Correlated with others’ reports v. The only measures of subjective well-being 4. Who is happy? (What makes a good indicator) a. Age? Not a good indicator. i. Changing emotions – rapid changes in the youth ii. Threats of well-being: mid-life crises and empty nests? Not true. Marriages are better when kids leave home. b. Gender? Also not a good indicator i. However, women are more vulnerable to depression and men are more likely to be alcoholi c. Income? i. Increasing belief that people believe that they need to be well off financially ii. There is a positive slope for well being vs. per capita income iii. Are the richest people happiest? Though diminishing returns, yes.
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Unformatted text preview: To an extent, richer people are happier. iv. Are disabled people unhappy? No. People cope. v. Teens from affluent families suffer from elevated rates of anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc… 5. Redefining Progress a. Standard of living, material well being vs. quality of life, total well-being (physical, spiritual etc. ..), sustainable development 6. Traits of Happy People a. Self-esteem: happy people like themselves i. Self-serving bias ii. Self-esteem and happiness in stigmatized groups b. Personal Control i. Happy people feel in control of their destinies c. Optimism i. Happy people are hope-filled d. Extraversion i. Happy people are outgoing 7. Social Support a. Close relationships aid health and happiness 8. Love and marriage a. Married people are happier 9. Faith a. More spiritual people are more happy b. Offers social support, meaning and purpose, ultimate acceptance, focus beyond self, eternal perspective...
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