11-16-05 - Intro to Psychiatry

11-16-05 - Intro to Psychiatry - neologisms(new words or...

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Intro to Psychiatry 11/16/05 1. End of the Learning Unit a. A monkey named Hellion – aversive conditioning at work i. Teaching by small shocks when monkey screws up, small food reward when monkey does well 2. Psychiatry a. Paintings as a mirror of the mind i. Art and Psychiatry 1. Purpose a. Creative event b. Icebreaker with the psychiatrist because some patients have trouble verbalizing c. Catharsis for depression 2. Questions a. Diagnostic value of paintings? i. Typically a case history is needed ii. Schizophrenic paintings: filling all space on a canvas, segmentation of the canvas, mixture of words and pictures, great attention to detail,
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Unformatted text preview: neologisms (new words or phrases made up by the artist) iii. Hebephrenic Schizophrenic paintings: “word salad” (babbling), Politics, Sex and Immorality, Religion, Sorrow, Remorse iv. Schizophrenics frequently comment on their own behavior v. Catatonic Schizophrenic (opposite of hebephrenic schiz…) etc… b. Visual expression of feelings? i. Hieronymous Bosch – paintings of Dante’s hell and inferno; his paintings suggest that he was mentally disturbed ii. William Kurelek – Painted in a way similar to Bosch. c. Prognosis though a series of paintings?...
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