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11-30-05 - Mental Health

11-30-05 - Mental Health - Mental Health 1 Comments on...

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Mental Health 11/30/05 1. Comments on Final a. 2 pm. b. 100 questions – 50 from old section of course, 50 new. c. Only new modules and new supplemental readings will be required 2. Finishing Up Paintings by the Disturbed Mind a. Van Gough i. Said to have suffered from a variety of diseases ii. Don McClean wrote “Starry Starry Night” about Van Gough iii. Geshwind’s Syndrome 1. A form of temporal lobe epilepsy 2. Between seizures: severe personality disorder with periodic aggressions, paranoia, hallucination 3. Hyperreligiosity – lay preacher 4. Confused sexual identity 5. Hypergraphia - 200 paintings, 200 drawings, 100 letters in his last 15 months 3. Mental Health a. Optimal Adjustment – Being “Normal” i. Positive attitudes towards oneself ii. Continued growth and development (social, personal, intellectual) iii. Autonomous – inner directed iv. Accurate perception of reality v. Competence at life’s tasks vi. Satisfying relationships b. Life is sometimes less than optimal i.
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