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Syndromes 12/2/05 1. Anxiety Disorders a. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder i. Compulsions: Irrepressible routines 1. Compulsive orderliness: (Dorm desk) a. Case History: “The Schedule” 2. Serial Compulsions: a. Case History: “Getting Dressed” – Ken Dryden ii. Obsessive Thoughts: impulses w/o emotion 1. Case History: “If I had a Hammer” iii. Obsessive Thoughts with Compulsive Acts 1. Case History: “The clean boy” iv. FILM – (from the ABC News) v. Causes 1. Environmenta 2. Genetic Predisposition 3. Biochemical vi. Treatment 1. Drugs
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Behavior Theraoy 3. Cognitive Therapy 4. Depends on the cause to determine what is effective b. Dissociate Disorders i. Blocking off memories through… 1. Psychogenic Amnesia a. Childhood sexual abuse 2. Psychogenic Fugue a. Leaving your life and starting anew 3. Multiple Personality a. 20,000 cases; traumatic experience; multiple personality is not schizophrenia i. Most were abused children 2. Hints for Raising Children (online) 3. Hints for a Better Life (online)...
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