08-30-05 - The Causes of Wars and the Fabric of Explanation

08-30-05 - The Causes of Wars and the Fabric of Explanation...

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The Causes of Wars and the Fabric of Explanation History 371 – 8/30/05 1. Generalizing about Periods of Violence a. Discontinuities in History (“The Turning Points”); Discontinuities in Language i. Rein Judenrein 1. “Clean” “Clean of Jews” ii. Gemeinschaft Volksgemeinschaft 1. “Community” “Community of the People” iii. Once one has seen the mass slaughter of total war, choice of words begins to change 1. Pre-WWI: “The Foe”, “The Fallen”, “The Steed” 2. Post-WWI: “The Enemy”, “The Dead”, “The Horse” 3. Dawn (Poetic Newness) Dawn (Verge of the Attack) b. Accelerations – Fast forward of Trends in Society i. Revolution, Class Conflict ii. Women in the Labor Force? 1. Rosie the Riveter 2. Post-War Return to Life in the Home c. Experience of Violence in a Black Box i. Psychological Dimension – Subjective vs. Real Time
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Unformatted text preview: ii. All Quiet on the Western Front (Film - 1930) shows time better than real footage iii. Folklore of the War 2. The Problem of Causes a. Love and War i. Franz Ferdinand goes abroad with Sophie Chotek, his wife to Sarajevo ii. When acting as Inspector General of the Army, Sophie could be at his side iii. In other situations, Sophie had to be separate b. International Anarchy c. Nationalism Why does Nationalism become aggressive Nationalism? 3. Thinking about Causes a. The Second World War i. Continue from World War I ii. Versailles and the War Guilt Clause iii. Hitler b. Narrative Explanation 4. From Causes to Relationship a. Combat and Genocide b. A.J.P. Taylor Claims no relationship between genocide and war...
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