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Adolph Hitler 9/1/05 1. The Problem of Charisma a. Definition of Fascism i. Emphasis on the Leader – Fhurer, Il Duce ii. Centrality of Violence - Purifying, Redemptive, Creates Solidarity iii. Value of Spectacle – Leni Riefenstahl iv. Extreme Ideology (Nationalism) – Such as state worship b. Charisma i. Defined by Max Weber ii. “Endowed by superhuman or exceptional powers, on the basis of them, the individual is treated as a leader” iii. Does not arrive power from Bureaucratic (Legal) or “Tradition” Authority c. Evidence for Hitler’s Charisma i. Commentary on Hitler’s Charisma: Ludeke (German) + Shirer (American Journalist) ii. 1934 Nuremburg Rally 1. Mass statement of unity 2. Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl documents this rally
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Unformatted text preview: 2. In Search of Charisma a. Hitler’s Life to 1919 i. Terrible at school ii. Lived with his mother iii. Rejected from Art School iv. No apparent gift for leadership v. Dislike for the multi-national Austro-Hungarian empire vi. Extreme dislike for the end of WWI b. Discovering Gift for Oratory i. Sent around by German army to speak to former soldiers about the Bolshevik Revolution c. Shaping the Skill i. Practices in Beer Halls in Munich (hot-bed of revolutionaries) ii. Creates new quick, staccato speech akin to “chewing people out” d. Foreigner Don’t Perceive the Charisma e. Germans do. f. Explaining the Difference i....
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