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09-06-05 - Leni Riefenstahl + Fascism

09-06-05 - Leni Riefenstahl + Fascism - iv Individual...

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Leni Riefenstahl 9/6/05 1. Synopsis of Career a. Triumph of the Will - 1935 Nuremburg Rally b. Olympia (Parts I and II) – 1936 Olympic Games c. Lowlands ( Tiefland ) 2. Themes of Work a. Film Themes i. Beautiful Male Bodies 1. Germans = New Ancient Greeks ii. Emphasis on Heights and Rising Against the Clouds iii. Bodies pushed to extremes
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Unformatted text preview: iv. Individual heroes against the masses b. Fascist Aesthetic? i. Her claim is that her work was artistic, not fascist 3. Culpability a. Artist? b. Spawn of Satan? c. Unlikely to receive funding and artistic license as in Germany if she moved to the US...
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