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09-15-05 - The German Soldier and the German Nation

09-15-05 - The German Soldier and the German Nation - b The...

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The German Soldier and the German Nation 9/15/05 1. The German Soldier, the German nation a. At the end of the war, Goebbels was working on a film about Frederick the Great’s under siege b. The image of the German nation 2. Hitler’s Soldiers (who resisted) a. Helmut James von Moltke + Kreisau Circle - b. Claus von Stauffenberg – man who planted a bomb in Hitler’s room c. Deitrich Bonhoeffer d. Julius Leber – Socialist leader 3. After the War: From Wehrmacht to Bundeswehr, from Dictatorship to Democracy a. Necessity to protect the West from a Soviet attack
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Unformatted text preview: b. The “Good German Soldie rs” i. Attempt to glorify anti-Nazis ii. Use of the cinema by making films to glorify “good soldiers” 1. The Desert Fox (1951) – About Rommel 2. Der Stern Von Afrika (1957) – Airforce movie 3. U47 – Kapitanleutnant Prien (1958) – Submarine film 4. Rommel Ruft Kairo (1958) – Rommel film c. Toward a Deeper Understanding i. Knappe’s Soldat ii. Ophuls’s Memory of Justice 4. Democracy and the national narrative...
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