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Midterm 1 Review - 15 Types of spectra 16 Blackbody radiation(including Wien’s and Stefan-Boltzmann relations 17 Doppler Effect 18 How we measure

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ASTR 302 W08 Midterm 1 Review Guide Date Friday, February 1, 2008 Format 1) Multiple choice section (20-40%) 2) Short answer problems (qualitative and quantitative) (80-60%) Topics 1) Cosmic Distances and Scales 2) Position of stars in sky (including celestial and horizon coordinates) 3) Daily motion of stars in sky 4) Yearly motion of stars in sky 5) Solar versus sidereal rotation rate 6) Solar versus sidereal time 7) Parallax 8) Telescopes 9) Atmospheric absorption and effects 10) Properties of light 11) Bohr model of atom 12) Atomic spectra 13) Molecular spectra 14) Spectral line broadening
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Unformatted text preview: 15) Types of spectra 16) Blackbody radiation (including Wien’s and Stefan-Boltzmann relations) 17) Doppler Effect 18) How we measure temperature, composition, and radial motion of stars Relevant Lecture Tutorials 1) Position LT* 2) Motion LT 3) Seasonal Stars LT 4) Solar/Sidereal LT 5) The Parsec LT* 6) Parallax and Distance LT 7) Telescopes and Earth’s Atmosphere LT 8) Luminosity, Size, and Temperature LT 9) Blackbody Radiation LT 10) Types of Spectra LT 11) Light and Atoms LT 12) Doppler Shift LT *Discussed in class but not assigned...
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