09-19-05 - Stalingrad to Kursk

09-19-05 - Stalingrad to Kursk - Stalingrad to Kursk...

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Stalingrad to Kursk 9/20/05 1. The Meaning of Stalingrad a. Celebrating Stalingrad i. Status symbol of fighting at Stalingrad ii. For occupied countries, seen as a glimmer of hope iii. Resistance figures against the Nazi’s increase b. Assessing Stalingrad i. Forced French labor draft (S.T.O), sending the French to Germany as labor ii. Many claimed that the battle was indecisive. Germany was unprepared for the winter, but in the spring it kicked Soviet ass. Many Germans were from weaker areas of Germany. iii. Many claim the Soviets won because of superior quantity of resources. Actually not that great. iv. Why won? Sloppy German intelligence? Revamped Soviet army? 2. The Transformation of Soviet Forces a. Command Structure i. Stalin made Zhukov his deputy and reduced political control of military operations ii. Kommissars made into junior military officers iii. Stalin began to take advice, Vasilevsky made into Chief of Staff (very skilled big picture and detail man). iv.
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