09-27-05 - Italy -- Resistance Visions

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Italy: Resistance Visions 9/27/05 1. The Fall of Fascism: The Events, July 1943 – April 1945 a. July 1943 – Mussolini arrested b. 40 days without a leader growth of an anti-fascism movement c. Marshall Badoglio signs a truce with the allies agrees to side with the allies d. Mussolini saved by Nazis, becomes the leader of the Republic of Salo in Northern Italy 2. A Divided Italy a. Between 1943-1945, Italy split between fascists and anti-fascists (Repubblichini / Partigiani) b. Remains divided as the Americans push the Nazis north through Italy c. CNLAI – national committee for the liberation of northern Italy d. Partito d’ Azione – Party of Action 3. What Kind of Italy? a. In 1948, socialists and communists are defeated by the Christian democrats in the national election b. Films ask questions about the unity of Italy 4. Italy’s National Conversation about the Resistance, 1945 – 1982 a. Rome: Open City (1945) i. Declared an “open city” – no fighting allowed in Rome according to Hitler
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