09-29-05 - Discovering Genocide

09-29-05 - Discovering Genocide - Discovering Genocide 1...

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Discovering Genocide 9/29/05 1. Discovering and Knowing a. Memory and Belief i. December 1942, the Allied forces make an official statement condemning the Final Solution ii. In 1943, 1944, groups in New York held meetings about the Holocaust iii. Jan Karski, journalist 1. Attempted to learn about the Holocaust and returned information to the Polish government in London about the concentration camps 2. Met with American leaders, such as Justice Felix Frankfurter, who did not believe him. Not in thinking that it is false, but in a failure to internalize it. b. The Problem, the Questions i. How to Define ‘Genocide’ 1. Race-murder in Armenia, Mass Murder in South Africa, Crimes Against Humanity in Nuremburg Trials 2. “Elimination in whole or a part of a religious or ethnic group… a culture” – Raphael Lempkin, the person who coined the term ii. Obstacles to Action 1. Lack of space, desire to put this as a priority 2. Lack of systematic administrative attention to problems 3. Subconscious refuse to accept threatening information (denial)
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