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Various Course Information 10/4/05 1. Learning from a Demonstration a. Weapons Seen i. M1 Garrand Rifle ii. b. Notes Various i. Use of a Small Amount of Ammunition 1. Every weapon except for the American ones were bolt action 2. Appeals of Combat a. Use of imagination b. Encouraging creativity in an area of disorder i. Ex: how to carry ammunition took pride in this c. Hording 3. Argument: if people had more ammunition, they would use more! (ammunition discipline) 4. Why let people have a lot of ammo? a. Suppressive fire b. “Fire power” was the hot word of the Americans 5. Variable time fuse – tells the artillery shells to explode x# of feet above the ground 6. Implication that Americans are well trained and will not panic and will figure out when to cease fire ii. Irrationalities of Designing Weapons
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Japanese guns rattled! 2. Men were left ready to hold horses for the artillery, even through horses were long gone from combat iii. Bayonets 1. Last American bayonet charge was in Korean War 2. Bayonets shrank over time 3. Problems if the weapons are designed to have bayonet weight, but is not actually used imbalanced iv. Fire and Maneuver Training v. Buying personal upgrades to equipment 2. Interviewing Grandparents 3. Script writers of Saving Private Ryan: why did you include points of American war crimes (e.g. killing surrendering Germans). Evidence of this? 4. Writing Prelim Questions a. Must submit questions to take the prelim b. Submit questions by the Thursday after the break...
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