10-06-05 - Discovering Genocide Part II

10-06-05 - Discovering Genocide Part II - Discovering...

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Discovering Genocide, II 10/6/05 1. The “Wall of Silence” is Penetrated a. Sensitization: The White Rose i. Students + professor had a notion of how the world worked, where there was a possibility for a total evil ii. People of Germany were sensitized to Hitler and Nazism iii. Gleichschaltung – coordination and stripped of other loyalties iv. Many members of the White Rose were involved in non-Nazi youth groups b. Sensitization: The Kurt Gerstein Case i. Was a member of the Nazi party ii. At a Nazi theatrical show, was offended and raised a stink because Nazis are anti-Christian sent to a concentration camp for six months iii. Earns a medical degree and joins the SS iv. Aug. 1942, sent to camps to check for spread of disease (“disinfection officer”) – “Zyclon B” disinfection gas v. Attempts to slow down the killing process vi. Tells Baron von Otter, that he knew about the slaughter vii. Gerstein makes very clear that a genocide is occurring viii. Van Otter takes this information, but the Swedes make no move
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