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10-13-05 - Comments on Goldhagen - ii. The Yugoslavian...

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Goldhagen 10/13/05 1. Professor’s Comments on Goldhagen a. Long standing historical existence of Anti-Semitism i. Catholics – Jews killed Jesus ii. Lutherans in the Middle Ages b. Hallucinatory fear of Jewry i. Many had never met Jewish people c. “Protocol of the Elders of Zion” d. Jews are a symbol of modernity/capitalism i. Viennese Shoemaker ii. Member of the guild iii. Loses out to larger shoe factories iv. Therefore, becomes an anti-Semite because Jews own the factories e. Arises during periods of identity crises i. Ability to identify yourself as being “not Jewish” f. One of the first to analyze the perpetrators in action 2. Other People’s Comments a. Goldhagen does not make cross-national comparisons i. Does not show why one must have a national exterminationalist tendency
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Unformatted text preview: ii. The Yugoslavian Ustasha killed Jews at Jasenovac b. Though Germans were ordinary in their background, were they ordinary in their indoctrination? c. Command atmosphere, not quite the same as the ordinary d. Tidal wave of anti-Semitism that broke over these people, therefore no fault to the Germans of this time e. Up to 1933, Jews had been given more and more rights in society f. Failure to recognize the totality of the political culture i. SPD was strongly anti-Anti-Semitic ii. Liberal democratic parties etc. .. 3. Response to Goldhagen a. Loved by Americans, loathed by German academics b....
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