10-18-05 - Responding to Genocide

10-18-05 - Responding to Genocide - vii Multiplicity...

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Responding to Genocide 10/18/05 1. The American Case a. Bureaucratic Response i. “Why 6 Million Died” - Arthur Morse claim of anti-Semitism b. Arguments for inactions i. Issue of Rescuing Jews ii. Hungary was satellite government of Nazis. Not interested in killing the Jews. iii. Perversity: will have negative effects iv. Futility: Jews are doomed v. Though plan to put pressure on Satellite nations, lack of funds to do so vi. Jeopardy: Threat to your own forces. Powerful, perhaps, because of undeveloped language of risk assessment.
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Unformatted text preview: vii. Multiplicity: Numerous threats are proposed and none take priority; “Jews for Trucks deal” willing to trade Jews for trucks 2. British Case a. Bombing Auschwitz i. Vrba-Wetzler 1. Escapes from the camp 2. Gives the allies a map of the camp 3. British Response a. Dealing with Multiplicity: What to do with the rest of the Jews? b. Place them in Palestine, even though the Arabs are not happy with this. The colonial office notes how terrible an idea this is c....
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