11-01-05 - The Many Faces of Resistance

11-01-05 - The Many Faces of Resistance - The Many Faces of...

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The Many Faces of Resistance 11/1/05 1. Groups and Goals a. Types of Groups i. Broad united fronts 1. E.G. Yugoslav partisans ii. Resistance Press 1. 100’s of newspapers / journals which were widely distributed 2. Unfortunately, this is hard to document 3. In 1939, the only important newspapers were in capitals. They could be bought by political parties (centralized) 4. When you take away the major papers (the tool of the ruling elite), you can do a lot 5. During the occupation and afterwards, this may have been when the largest number of people were able to express their political sentiments in a national press. b. Types of Goals i. Revolution ii. Reform iii. Restoration 2. Revolutionary Resistances: Examples a. Yugoslavia i. There were independent, local traditions of revolution. Pre-dated communism. People had been holding industrial strikes far before WWI. ii. Tito created his own revolutionary positions which were counter to Stalin’s. Created an independent communist state from the USSR. b.
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