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11-08-05 - Armored Warfare Europe - June 1944-April 1945

11-08-05 - Armored Warfare Europe - June 1944-April 1945 -...

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Armored Warfare Europe: June 1944-April 1945 11/8/05 1. Hierarchy a. Armies b. Command Divisions (Corp Headquarters) c. Divisions – armored, infantry, airborne 2. Types of Units a. Infantry b. Armor c. Artillery d. Antiaircraft e. Cavalry and Recon f. Engineer g. Medical h. Support Units (parts people etc…) 3. Improvements to the M4 Medium Tank a. Added armor plate to hull and turret b. Added Culin device to break through hedgerows c. New 76mm gun turret could fire the bullets at a higher speed d. Sandbags to protect against panzerfausts
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Unformatted text preview: e. Added more armor f. Added wet stowage on ammo g. Added new suspension and wider tracks for better traction on soft ground h. Muzzle brakes added to lessen recoil i. Some crews added machineguns for the loader position 4. Tactics for attacking other tanks a. Teamwork among divisions b. Best weapon was artillery c. Smoke screen + smoke shells d. Be aggressive to chase the enemy to the end 5. Artillery a. Bunker Busters...
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