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11-10-05 - Cold War Stories

11-10-05 - Cold War Stories - 1 2 3 4 5 Cold War Stories...

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Cold War Stories 11/10/05 1. Issues Brought up By Col. Fanning – Changing Significance of WWII a. Adaptability of the US military b. Design of the Sherman tank specifically for the US military 2. Uncertainty, 1943-1947 a. Good Signs i. 1943 – Stalin involves the communist international (the organization believed to be attempting to take over the world) ii. War time conferences in 1943, 1945 showed that people of ideological differences could work together iii. Oct. 1944 – The Percentages Agreement – An arrangement for how to split up the spheres of influence iv. During the Nuremburg trials people worked together v. United Nations was founded in 1945, with the Soviets included from the start in contrast to the League of Nations b. Bad Signs i. Non-communists in eastern Europe begin to disappear ii. May 1946, Churchill makes his Iron Curtain speech iii. In 1947, communist international becomes the communist informational iv. Communists take an active role in the Greek civil war v. Truman Doctrine – 1947 vi.
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