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11-29-05 - Bombing and Winning

11-29-05 - Bombing and Winning - Bombing and Winning 1 The...

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Bombing and Winning 11/29/05 1. The Military Turning Point a. Kursk? i. Last major attack that the Germans made on the Russians where they hoped to make an advance b. Secret Weapons that could have changed the outcome Creation of a German A-Bomb 1. Everyone knew that atomic physics could greatly effect the outcome 2. April 1939, Paul Harteck notes that atomic weapons could win the war 3. Heisenberg submits a design 4. German army used U-235 for weapons with heavy water to refine it, rather than graphite or electromagnetism. Heavy water plant in Norway was destroyed early in the war (Norsk Hydro). Germany only had about half the necessary heavy water to start. 5. In 1942, the Germans gave up on the bomb because it could not be produced in a feasible time period. Army turns project over to the Education Ministry. They never became close to producing a bomb. 6. Dominance of the field of physics by theorists rather than experimenters. Thus, much was never experimented. 7. Hitler remained hostile to the project, thus the project could never gather resources that it needed. “Jewish Physics” (Hitler could not understand physics). He was far more interested in rockets V-1 and V-2 bombs. Far more of these were built than used. This was a huge waste of resources.
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